Please call me, “Andrew,” I am the director and publisher of this website. 

I grew up under the influence of Astrology, and was guided by a father who lived astrology, in every sense. I’m a “Water Sign,” by birth, so my household chore, as a child, was to do dishes. Make sense?

Our professional charts, here at the Five-Dollar Store, are excellent for the entire family. The charts enable a closer understanding of family members, and friends who are dear to you. 

The compatibility chart is a must-read for romantic couples!

The numerology chart will really give you something to think about.

You do not need to know anything about astrology in order to understand and appreciate these charts. The standard charts are self-explanatory and clear.

For our more advanced visitors, see “Avanced Astrology Charts” in the SHOP menu.


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Director: Andrew Seymour  

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