Tarot & Astrology — Differences / Similarities

There is a definite link between astrology and tarot as both these philosophies consult the stars or the astral world.  Tarot’s focus is on mythical  astral powers while astrology focuses more on the positioning of the planets. When it comes to the interpretation and meanings of tarot cards, astrology plays a major role … when tarot cards are spread out they often resemble the constellations.

Both Tarot and Astrology are highly symbolic. For example, If  Jupiter is in the “house” sector of your chart that relates to your home it does not mean that the largest planet in the Solar System is about to land on your roof, thank goodness! Similarly, if the Death card is lurking around your tarot reading, it does not mean it is pointing to your demise.

Astrology and Tarot have several things in common. Another example would be their belief in divining future trends over foretelling sets of unchanging events. Tarot reading is largely an intuitive act with few set rules. Astrology is more prescribed with events having finite interpretations. both of these forms of divination, Tarot & Astrology, have a very long, interesting history.




Relationships between astrology and tarot …

All zodiac signs and their influences are similar to tarot cards and their insights with each indicating the law of the universe and how it affects human life. … here are a few examples:

  1. The tarot card of  Pisces indicates ever-changing moods and is linked to the moon.
  2. The Taurus card is the interpreter of sacred mysteries. It represents the seeking of truths.
  3. The Cancer tarot card (Chariot), represents overcoming conflicts and being free.
  4.  Strength is represented by the Leo card …  it is about power and courage on mental and physical levels.
  5.  The Virgo card represents a need to slow down and focus.


Both astrology and tarot readings are based on the same four elements — fire, air, water, earth.

The tarot deck is based upon principles of  astrological symbols as well as symbols from several world religions and events.



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