The Astrology $3 Dollar Store will need  the following information:

  1. Your full name as it will appear on your chart/charts
  2. Your date of birth
  3. The exact  time of birth
  4. Your place of birth (City & state)

No address, no phone , no social security number, nothing else. There are no fees and no shipping costs.

 Your personal chart/charts will be sent to you as an email download within two business days.  Personal information is secure and private.  

 Charts are 1-5 pages in length.


Natal / Birth  $3

It shows the position of the Sun,

Moon, and where the other

planets are at the exact time of birth.

Relocation  $3

This is an astrological analysis

of what you are likely to experience in

the cities and towns that you selected.

Transit $3

You will not need to understand

the astrological techniques of

transits to read these reports.

Compatibility $3

Sample compatibility scores

in 8 different categories.

Numerology $3

Your Soul Number reveals the

underlying motivations that

influence your decisions and actions.

Progression $3

The Sun is the most yang, giving us our sense

of individual self and purpose. The Moon is the most yin,

providing us with the application of our purpose.

Ephemeris $3

An ephemeris is a reference book. It shows precisely

when celestial phenomena occur. In order to use it, you

will need to know the symbols for the Sun,Moon,

planets, lunar phases,lunar nodes and the signs.

Wheel $3

In the chart wheel, the planets are placed in

their zodiac positions.  The chart wheel is usually

divided into 12 sections called houses.

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