Sarah Herrington

After getting my Cosmo Natal Report done it blew me away! It was much longer (13 pages) and more comprehensive than I could have ever imagined. It tells you so much about yourself and it really opens up your eyes to not only who you are but also who you are to others.

There’s so much to take away from it and it’s definitely something you can read over and over again and reference back to. I also got a Cosmo Compatibility Report for my boyfriend and I and we found that it has strengthened our relationship, knowing where each one of us comes from and the strengths and weaknesses we both bring to the table.

I highly recommend any report off of this website, you will not be disappointed!



Daniel Lewis 

I had a natal, compatability and forecast report made, while I was reading my report I felt like it was me to a T. My forecast said that I would find the answer I was looking for and I did in Feb 2017. It’s amazing how our lives are based on the placement of the stars and planets.



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